HHWD Podcast: Interview With Tamara J Lesnar Libertarian Candidate For US Senate

We made a commitment to try and interview all of the Libertarian Candidates in South Dakota this year to try and help voters learn more about the candidates and their positions on the issues so we can help inform the public before they make their choice on November 8th.

We finally sat down with US Senate Candidate Tamara Lesnar last Sunday August 14th. You can see the whole interview on our YouTube page and by clicking below.

The interview ended up being close to an hour and a half so we covered a lot of topics, anywhere from term limits to military intervention to abortion and immigration! In the video she also endorses IM 27 ( the marijuana legalization measure) towards the end.

This coming Sunday we will be back with another interview with local South Dakota Libertarian Candidates for Governor and Lt Governor Tracey Quint & Ashley Strand. We will have a chance to chat with both candidates Live August 21st.

Tune in Live on Facebook, Twitter or Youtube

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