HHWD Podcast: Interview with Collin Duprel Candidate for US House of Representatives

On Sunday September 25th we had the pleasure of chatting with the Libertarian nominee for US House Collin Duprel. Mr. Duprel is running in a two way race against Dusty Johnson for South Dakota’s lone House seat.

We talked about a variety of issues that evening including foreign policy, national debt, term limits as well as some local issues including IM 27, eminent domain and some agriculture talk. Unfortunately the interview was cut a little short as he had a Cattle issue to deal with! You can check out the whole interview below.

If you would like to learn more about Mr. Duprel and his campaign or to volunteer/donate please visit his website CollinforCongress.com

Our next Podcast in our Candidate Series will be on a special night and time, Wednesday October 5th at 7pm Mountain/8pm Central. We will be interviewing two West River Legislative candidates at once, Darren Freidel for State Senate District 33 and Sean Natchke for State House District 29. Tune in Live on Facebook, Twitter or Youtube so you can ask questions of the candidates!

Darren Freidel (left) Sean Natchke (right)

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