All Libertarian Candidates Have Endorsed IM 27

According to a post on the Libertarian Party of South Dakota’s website here, the Party itself and it’s slate of candidates have endorsed IM 27. Some background information on IM 27 before we continue with that..

Initiated Measure 27 is a ballot measure sponsored by South Dakotan’s for Better Marijuana Laws to legalize recreational marijuana in South Dakota. The group turned in enough signatures at their deadline in May to be on the ballot this November 8th. The voters of South Dakota approved a similar ballot measure, Amendment A in 2020 only to see it ultimately overturned by the State Supreme Court. The vote for recreational cannabis in 2020 was pretty close, 54% in favor to 46% against. Being a mid term election this year and not having medical marijuana also on the ballot this time, could make it a much more difficult path to victory. A recent poll in South Dakota that consisted of 500 registered voters in July found that 43.8% of respondents support legalization of recreational marijuana, and that 54.4% oppose legalization. Now I don’t think a 500 person sample from 500,000 registered voters can be considered very accurate, but it does show there is work to be done on the issue and they could use all the support they can get.

Back to the main story, along come the Libertarians.. Not only has The Libertarian Party of South Dakota as whole officially endorsed IM 27 but also all of their candidates have given statements of support for the issue. (see statements below)

Election day is November 8th, with early voting beginning on September 23rd. Don’t sit this one out! If you would like to learn more about the LPSD and their candidates please visit:

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