Back To School: Wessington School Becomes Medical Marijuana Grow Facility

Some exciting news has come out of the hustling and bustling metropolis of Wessington, South Dakota! The old High School and Elementary School is now home to Dakota Natural Solutions Grow a new homegrown medical marijuana company.

Quite a few of you may be wondering, “Wessington? You mean Wessington Springs?” No I do not. As a person who actually grew up in the lesser known of the Wessingtons Ive heard this from folks my whole life.

This story is actually cool to learn about and write about for me because not only did I go to this particular School as a kid until the 5th Grade, but I actually lived right across the street! I remember eating the best Stromboli in the world in that lunch room like it was yesterday. The playground at the school was essentially my backyard. (See Pic Below)

The school was built in 1975 but eventually closed and consolidated with neighboring Wolsey to build the new Wessington-Wolsey school. It has 26,000 square feet with almost 1/3 of it used for cultivation of medical marijuana. They plan to use up more of the building and expand the manufacturing process in the Fall. The former school will be a “production only” building, as in no customers will be allowed in. They do plan on opening dispensaries in the future, locations include Huron and Winner. Dakota Natural Solutions Grow’s owner/CEO is Glenn Jungemann.

Dakota Natural Solutions not only will supply their own dispensaries but also is currently supplying South Dakota’s first State licensed Medical Marijuana dispensary, Unity Rd in Hartford which recently opened this week.

The pioneer of the medical marijuana industry of course was Native Nations Cannabis in Flandreau, which did not need a State license, opened just over a year ago and has over 10,000 medical card holders registered with them. The other big news in Cannabis that proceeded quietly was in May when the No Worries recreational dispensary opened on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in Western South Dakota.

Pine Ridge storefront

There have been lots of exciting big moves recently in the South Dakota Cannabis industry and we are certainly excited to see what the future holds. Many of these communities like Wessington and Pine Ridge could really use the local economic boost and jobs that these businesses will inevitably bring. We wish them all the best, and our only regret is that it took so long to get to this point.

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