Former 2020 US House Candidate Running For Mayor of Hot Springs

Former Libertarian candidate for US House of Representatives in 2020, Randy “Uriah” Luallin has recently announced that he is running to become the next Mayor of Hot Springs South Dakota. Many may recall his recent Congressional campaign where he competed in a two-way race against incumbent Dusty Johnson after the Democrats failed to gather enough signatures to place a candidate on the ballot in that race.

Mr. Luallin seized the opportunity to run for Congress and became the lone opposition candidate in that race, giving the voters of South Dakota a real choice for US House. In that election he received 75,748 votes and also won two Counties outright, Oglala Lakota County and Todd County. Mr Luallin is a 64 year old Mason/Author who has called Hot Springs home for the previous 7 years.

Mr Luallin had a statement put out on social media earlier today with this to say:

I proudly served 10 years in the U.S. Army, Infantry, honorably discharged as Sergeant First Class, instructor for NCOES leadership. I have made my living as a mason, 42 years and counting. These experiences make me ideally suited for the executive branch of government.

I am active in our community as husband, father, author, historian, mentor, and organizational leader. I serve as Treasurer for the following: the American Legion Post 71; the Save our Sandstone 501c3 non-profit group; and recently with the Hot Springs Historical Society “Pioneer Museum”.

I volunteer as Honor Guard commander, trail steward with the Kit Carson Club, and keep dutifully involved with various other pursuits involving the appreciation of a life spent outdoors and serving the community.

Recent actions taken by our current city administration have forced me to take pause—look at the bigger picture regarding the scope of their acting authority and the candor in which they serve our community.

I am running for mayor of Hot Springs to: execute the will of all of its people, not for just the privileged few; guide our city leaders to act within their rightful legal authority limited by State of South Dakota and City of Hot Springs codified law; and remain humble, curious, and well-informed in the act of representing the people’s voice to influence positive action.

I represent truth in deeds and intentions, not in rhetoric and semantics.

I ask the citizens of Hot Springs to question your leader’s actions regarding the matters of: The legal validity of the City Administrator role at City Hall; A direct violation of South Dakota Revised Statute 9-10-1, which never happened. The overly destructive and costly management of both the Wesch Oak Building and Fall River Restoration projects; and the funding obligations our city government keeps with non government entities. The City should be focused on good roads, Water and Sewer service, Police and Fire protection, and the management of the public lands.

I also ask for more public discourse, discussion and joint decision making. I invite Mayor Bob Nelson to debate and discuss these matters.

More details can be found at Please use your vote to join me in requiring proper government at the City level. “Truth for a Change.”

Randy speaking at the recent Libertarian Party of South Dakota state convention April 23rd

If you would like to contact his campaign to get involved or with questions please email:

We sat down with Uriah to talk about his new campaign for Mayor Sunday night, you can listen or watch that short 30 minute interview right here. We appreciate him taking time out of Mother’s Days to chat with us!

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