Free Tickets to Freedom Fest in Exchange for 8 Hrs of Volunteer Work

Americans for Prosperity South Dakota is offering free tickets to Freedom Fest in exchange for volunteering to help the Freedom Fest event for 8 hours. This is a great opportunity for those wishing to attend on a budget. To apply email either (West River) or (East River).

Freedom Fest will be held in Rapid City July 21st-24th and will host of plethora of liberty activists like Jo Jorgensen, Spike Cohen, Dave Smith, Tom Woods, Larry Sharpe and many more! The Libertarian Party of South Dakota will also have a booth at the event where we will be holding a raffle for a semi-automatic 12 gauge shotgun donated to the party by Sturgis Honey, and a hand crafted bowie knife made by Region 6 Rep John Phillips Jr. LPSD will also be hosting our own after party the 23rd at the Wobbly Bobby with speakers Larry Sharpe and Apollo Pazell! This event will be free with no volunteer work necessary. Hope to see you there!

12 Gauge Shotgun For LPSD Freedom Fest Raffle

If you’d like to attend Freedom Fest without volunteering you can use the code, FF21LPSD, to get $100 off your ticket. Hedgehog Watchdog will be interviewing Freedom Fest conference director Valerie Durham and speaker Dan Fishman this Sunday on the 11th at 7pm CST, tune in for more updates on Freedom Fest

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