Army Veteran Fined for Fireworks on Independence Day

Our story begins on the evening of July 4th in the bustling metropolis of Aberdeen South Dakota, when a freedom loving, libertarian, combat vet named Garrid Baldwin was cited almost $160 for celebrating our Nation’s Birth when a parachute firework landed over the fence in a neighbor’s yard.

According to reports most of the neighborhood was shooting off fireworks just minutes before the cops were called, most likely by this person

In this photo we have highlighted the date of the incident, July 4th 2021 and the amount of the fine $152.50. Maybe this is what they mean when someone says “Freedom isn’t Free?”

According to witnesses on the scene the firework in question was a military parachute, but it actually wasn’t even one that the Baldwins had fired off that night, although he acknowledges that he may have been in violation of certain city ordinances that evening.

Garrid Baldwin was quoted after the incident saying ” this was a small price to pay to exercise my Liberties and celebrate our Independence and worth every penny (if I choose to pay it that is) .”

After the citation was issued and the police officer left, Garrid says “a neighbor comes up with a guilty conscience to tell me he thinks it was his parachute.”

I’d say a certain neighbor owes them some BBQ and a cold one some weekend in the near future!

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