LPSD’s 2nd Annual Freedom Feast is just around the corner

The Libertarian Party of South Dakota’s second annual Freedom Feast BBQ is just about here so we thought we would give our readers the inside scoop on the festivities this year.

The LPSD has rented out the day use area of the Palisades State Park for the day of Saturday August 15th. Starts at 10am, runs until whenever, but the official end time is 10pm. Food will be served sometime in the afternoon.. You can’t rush good Bar-B-Que!

There is fun for the whole family with a playground area and various outdoor activities; hiking trails, fishing, swimming, and tubing! Since it is a State Park there is a $8 dollar entrance fee per vehicle, so bring some friends and carpool!

With this being an election year there will be at least 6 Libertarian candidates (possibly more) visiting the BBQ to socialize and talk with the voters and members of the party.

Adam Jewell– District 5 Senate

Cj Abernathey– District 23 Senate

Daryl Root– District 4 Senate

Gregory Baldwin– District 17 Senate

Devin Saxon– Public Utilities Commissioner

Randy “uriah” Luallin– US House of Representatives

They will also be auctioning off a piece of memorabilia from the recent Libertarian National Convention in Orlando! With signatures from some of your favorite celebretarians, including Larry Sharpe, Alex Merced to Jo Jorgensen and Spike Cohen just to name a few!!

They will also have some campaign materials from the Presidential candidates Jo Jorgensen/Spike Cohen.

Yard Signs to the first 30 in attendance!

Our friend at Camp Ridger will also be there selling his amazing spices and seasonings!!

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