Many Legislative seats to go unopposed in 2020

Unfortunately here in South Dakota with our 1 party system and the Democratic house in shambles, 2020 is set to be a great year for Republicans who can just cruise to victory in many Legislative races. Unless “we the people” can field some candidates to give the voters a fighting chance this November! Its not too late to run for office, but it is getting pretty close.

Here is a complete list of South Dakota state Senate candidates running unopposed this year.

District 2 ( Redfield, Clark, Groton) has Republican candidate Brock Greenfield running unopposed.

District 4 (Milbank, Clear Lake) has Republican candidate John Wiik running unopposed.

District 7 (Brookings) has Republican candidate V.J. Smith running unopposed.

District 8 (Madison) has Republican candidate Casey Crabtree running unopposed.

District 13 (Sioux Falls ) has Republican candidate Jack Kolbeck running unopposed.

District 16 (Canton, Dakota Dunes) has Republican candidate Jim Bolin running unopposed.

District 19 (Salem, Scotland) has Republican candidate Kyle Schoenfish running unopposed.

District 22 (Huron) Senate race Republican candidate David Wheeler running unopposed.

District 24 (Pierre) Senate race Republican candidate Mary Duvall running unopposed.

District 28 (Buffalo,Timber Lake) has Republican candidate Ryan Maher running unopposed.

District 31 (Spearfish, Lead) Senate race will be between one of these two Republican candidates after the June Primary, either John Teupel or Timothy Johns, who would then be unopposed in the general election.

To simplify things, because these House races have June primaries, here are all the seats for South Dakota State House of Representatives that will go unopposed this year. (Even though they do have primaries in June, they will not have opposition for the general election in November unless we find people to run against them!)

District 2 (Redfield, Groton,Clark)

District 5 (Watertown)

District 16 (Canton,Dakota Dunes)

District 19 (Salem, Scotland)

District 20 (Mitchell)

District 23 (Eureka, Miller)

District 31 (Spearfish, Lead)

District 33 (Rapid City)

The Libertarian Party of South Dakota has the ability to nominate candidates at our annual State Convention in Pierre, May 9th. If you are possibly interested in contesting one of these races and giving the voters an option, please inquire at

For more details and information on the convention visit  here

Date of South Dakota’s 2020 General Election – November 3, 2020
Absentee voting begins – September 18, 2020
Voter Registration Deadline – October 19, 2020

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