The Last Debate, US Senate Debate Tonight

South Dakota Public Broadcasting is hosting a last minute US Senate debate tonight at 8pm/central. The debate includes incumbent John Thune, Libertarian candidate Tamara Lesnar and Democratic candidate Brian Bengs.

You can watch the debate Live on SDPB and also streaming on their Youtube channel.

We would like to express our disappointment that this debate is taking place so close to election day, apparently Thune is to blame for that with his “busy schedule”. However with recent estimates that early voting using absentee ballots being up 20% since the 2018 election having a debate so late in the election cycle is a disservice to the average voter. Hopefully next time SDPB takes this into consideration when scheduling these debates in the future. At minimum they should be held in September before early voting begins.

Keloland News opted to forgo debates in lieu of candidate interviews yet again these interviews have been airing just this week and just days before the election. If we truly want an informed base of voters then these debates and interviews need to be done earlier in the election season. It only stands to benefit the incumbent, since they have the name recognition, when the media chooses not to inform the public of their options before voting begins.

(Pictured below, career politician John Thune with right hand man and bestie Mitch McConnell)

One comment

  1. I will not sit still to hear Thune tell more lies. Much as I would like to hear the other candidates, I will pass on this debate. After seeing him exploit his small grandchildren in his commercial, no other information is needed.


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