Duprel Dominates Dusty In The Debate

In case you missed it last night, South Dakota Public Broadcasting hosted South Dakota’s one and only US House of Representatives debate in Sioux Falls. In the battle between the outsider and the incumbent, Mr. Duprel held nothing back.

Collin threw jabs at Johnson from his opening statement until his closing statement, taking Johnson to task for his voting record over the last four years in Congress. Lines were “drawn in the sand” on the issue of abortion last night, with Mr. Duprel firmly supporting the pro-choice side of the issue and Dusty on the pro-life side.

Collin took Dusty to task on his fiscal policy record, with one of my favorite statements of the evening (paraphrasing here) “Johnson has voted to spend more in his 4 years than Herseth and Noem combined.” They debated a wide variety of topics last night including healthcare, border security and the “drug crisis”. Mr. Duprel acknowledged in his statements that drug addiction is a disease and should be treated as a public health issue.

Now we may be slightly biased in our opinion of the debate here at Hedgehog Watchdog, but Collin Duprel performed very well against a seasoned career politician in Dusty Johnson, and he didn’t back down on the issues or from calling Johnson out on his record in Congress.

What did you think? Who won the debate? Vote in our online Twitter Poll below in the next 48 hours and let us know!

We did a live stream of the debate last night so if you haven’t watched it yet check it out below! We were joined by guests Ashley Strand ( who is running for Lt. Governor ) and Adam Jewell former 2020 State Senate candidate. After the debate we gave a breakdown of all the action!

We will be back with another Live Stream Podcast for the Second Governor’s Debate taking place Monday October 24th on SDPB at 8pm Central. This debate will be between Libertarian Tracey Quint and Democrat Jamie Smith as Kristi Noem has refused to participate in this one. You can watch that live with us on our social media pages Youtube/Facebook/Twitter.

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