LPSD Once Again Calls For Ravnsborg’s Resignation

If you remember last February the Libertarian Party of South Dakota sent out a press release calling for the Resignation of disgraced Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg ahead of his criminal trial in the death of pedestrian Jason Boever. Original press release here.

With the conclusion of the criminal proceedings and subsequent slap on the wrist handed down yesterday the Libertarian Party of South Dakota has once again called for the resignation of the Attorney General. In a post on the Party’s social media page today State Chair Greg Baldwin also called on the SD State Legislature to resume impeachment proceedings should he not step down.

We believe someone had just asked him what integrity was in this photo, he seems confused

Just to give a quick recap of the events of yesterdays court appearance …

Jason Ravnsborg pleaded no contest Thursday to a pair of misdemeanor traffic charges including
making an illegal lane change and using a phone while driving, each carrying a maximum sentence of up to 30 days in Jail and up to a $500 fine.
He had been charged with three misdemeanors, but prosecutors dropped a careless driving charge as part of the deal.

The defendent was fined $500 for each of the two counts and ordered to pay court costs of $3,742. The Judge in the case also ordered Ravnsborg “do a significant public service event” in each of the next five years near the date of Joseph Boever’s death —granting a request from the Boever family. But he put that on hold after Ravsnborg’s attorney objected that it was not allowed by statute.

Fun Fact: Ravnsborg did Not attend the hearing

So once again the idea of a separate Court system for the wealthy and connected appears on full display in this Country. Where a Government official can take another mans life through gross negligence and reckless actions ( surfing the internet while driving) and he can just buy his way out of the problem without taking any responsibility or suffering the real world consequences that us common folk would. No jail time whatsoever for those connected using political power to circumvent Justice once again. Hopefully the Legislature will hold him accountable and show that there are in fact consequences to actions. We will not be holding our breath …

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