Ravnsborg Confesses to Investigators: “I never saw anything until the impact”

South Dakota Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg contradicts himself several times during police interrogations raising suspicion from investigators that Ravnsborg saw the body of Joseph Boever the evening of the accident.

In the first interview, conducted mere days after killing Joseph Boever, and published via an unlisted video on South Dakota Department of Public Safety’s Youtube page 5 months after the accident, Jason Ravnsborg admits the following:

“I never saw anything until the impact.”

The admission was made at around the 14:30 mark in the following video.

Investigators press Ravnsborg about his statement in the second interview found at the 1:07:00 mark, and is also brought up again at the 1:47:30 mark in the video below:

“‘I don’t know what I hit until impact,’ that’s a quote. What does that tell ya? That at impact you knew what you hit.” -ND Investigator

Ravnsborg then refutes that he saw a man that night, and contradicts himself again telling investigators that he was setting down his phone, turning off the radio, looking at his speedometer, and activating his cruise control at the time of impact. This is contrary to the first interview where Ravnsborg claimed he was looking at the roadsigns to see how far away Pierre was when he struck Boever. The contradictions can be heard at the same time-stamps (14:30 1st Interview) and (1:07:00, 1:47:30 2nd Interview).

The Attorney General changes his story about what he was doing at the time of impact after investigators reveal that Joseph Boever’s glasses were found in Ravnsborg’s car and that Boever’s face had entered Ravnsborg’s windshield (1:11:00 mark in 2nd Interview).

Ravnsborg claims in his 911 call that he didn’t know what he hit, but claims to investigators that he thought he hit a deer that evening. Joseph Boever’s body was left on the side of the road undiscovered until Ravnsborg himself returned to the scene of the accident the following morning.

Get up to full speed on the The Ravnsborg Case covered in depth on Episode #2 and Episode #13 of the Hedgehog Watchdog Podcast:

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