HHWD Podcast Episode 10 Preview

Join us Live this Sunday 1/31/2021 at 7pm Central for episode 10 of the Hedgehog Watchdog podcast.

We have a special guest Daryl Root joining us this week and he would like to talk about the national debt crisis. Mr. Root is an self employed entrepreneur as a flooring installer, doing book keeping on the side and when not doing that he has hand crafted some delicious seasonings over at campridger.net. He is also the current Treasurer of the Libertarian Party of South Dakota, and previously ran for State House in 2018 and recently State Senate in District 4.

The national debt is a great topic with the Republican Party’s four year abandonment of sane fiscal policy, supporting bailouts and massive spending increases over the course of the Trump Administration. When Trump was elected the national debt stood at about 19.9 trillion dollars, and as he left office the debt was about 27.7 trillion, an increase of 39% in just four short years. President Trump had campaigned on the issue of the debt and stated he would get rid of it within eight years in office. Although we will never know what the second term would have brought us, he was not off to a very good or convincing start of addressing the debt crises….

Once again passing the buck to future generations to pay for continuous deficit spending by our Government regardless of which team gets elected!

Tune in Live this Sunday on any of these platforms

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