LPSD 2020 Election Breakdown

Unfortunately South Dakota did not see the election of its first Libertarian to the Legislature, but there were some victory’s to be had this election cycle.

The LPSD saw a pretty big jump in registered Libertarians leading right up to election night and continuing on from the looks of it. The party grew by 384 voters between July and December this year.

Randy Uriah Luallin US House Candidate

Devin Saxon for Public Utilities Commissioner
Daryl Root Dist 4 Senate

Adam Jewell Dist 5 Senate
Cj Abernathey Dist 23 Senate
Kent Wilsey Dist 29 Senate
Gideon Oakes Dist 30 Senate
Greg Baldwin Dist 17 Senate
Alexander Martin Dist 20 Senate
Presidential Candidate Jo Jorgensen in Rapid City SD

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