The Tiger King Pounces on Senator John Thune in Uncovered Video

3-29-20 By Devin Saxon. Blowing up the internet and blowing up his possessions to keep them away from “that bitch Carole Baskin,” the Tiger King aka Joe Exotic has taken Netflix by storm, becoming the talk of the country now binge watching TV under CONVID-19 quarantine. The once obscure Youtuber, who only days ago struggled for viewership is now raking in millions thanks to his new found Netflix fame. Unfortunately for Joe, his long sought after celebrity came after he was sentenced to what will likely be the rest of his life in prison. No spoilers here, watch “Tiger King” on Netflix to find out why.

The Hedgehog Watchdog has uncovered something special from Joe Exotic’s still active Youtube Channel, JoeExoticTV. In a nearly 5 year old video entitled “Joe Exotic’s Message to Donald Trump Day 29,” the Netflix star goes on a timeless tirade, sinking his teeth into South Dakota’s very own, Senator John Thune.

“There is nothing free about this god damned country anymore, it’s all about who you pay and who you know,” the Tiger King exclaims as he’s trotting around his pet tigers with a limp in his leg:

“I want to move on to a senator by the name of John Thune. You know the worst thing he can do is the alarm clock goes off and the Today Show is playing and all you see is mayhem, murder, and bullshit. And when I’m talking about bullshit I’m talking about the politicians and the shit that’s going on here in America. Now we’re gonna have some senator named John Thune that’s going to introduce some bill to make it illegal for a business to be able to sue somebody for putting a false review on Yelp or Trip Advisor? I’m going to give you a little education mister, first of all you people up there in Washington and the White House, and the Senates and the Congress and everything else you need to work four years and then you need to get out and work a real fucking job.”

The Tiger King goes on to lash out against his former employees leaving bad reviews on his Oklahoma Zoo, celebrities, PETA burning down his studio, and concludes his rant against Thune exclaiming:

“What you need to do instead of introducing a law to protect them mother fuckers you need to introduce a law to protect the people that are paying your fucking wages.. Look mother fucker you’re stupid. You got all these people out there putting negative shit online about ya and there aint a god damned thing we can do about it.. I’m as gay as a three dollar bill and I’m standing in a cage with five full grown tigers and lions and I’ll goll damned guarantee that I’m a hell of a lot butcher than a lot of you straight politicians getting blowjobs in the back office.”

Watch the video above for the full rant. The Hedgehog Watchdog would like to add that we support free speech and protections for citizens leaving bad business reviews.

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